Cyborgirl PC Pinball Game. B082. New.

Cyborgirl PC Pinball Game. PC Version. New in retail box. B082. UPC: 793954020322. New retail package. Sealed. 1995. She is part woman and part robot. She has plenty of tricks up her sleeve. If you play the game well, she will change color for you! You won't find that kind of action in your local pinball arcade. Epic Pinball: Cyborgirl contains one tough target after another. There are ramps leading you every which way and a large yellow light in the center play field that reduces ball gravity when lit. That is just the beginning. Turn up the sound and you will find an awesome range of sound effects. As well as a darn good tune to keep you clipping along. Unlike most PC Pinball games which cover half the screen, Epic Pinball covers two full screens. It scrolls so fast that you never lose sight of the ball. Even better, Epic Pinball actually allows you to "shake" the machine (using the space-bar). Watch out! If you get too rough, it will tilt. Desinged for longevity with ramps, sinkholes, kickbacks, bumpers, and drop targets, Epic Pinball is hours of arcade fun for the whole family!

Cyborgirl PC Pinball Game. PC Version. New in retail box. B082. UPC: 79395402032
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  • Item #: B082
  • Manufacturer: B&N Software
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 793954020322
  • Condition: New
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