Allsop 21420 Keyboard Wrist Support Pad. New.

Allsop 21420 Keyboard Wrist Support Pad. UPC: 035286214209 Model #21420 Black. New in retail package. Rain drop design on pad. Black. Non slip bottom. 17" X 3" Contoured shape provides comfortable wrist support. Ergo support that fits anywhere. Ultimate in ergo support for your wrist while using your computer. Helps reduce stress and fatigue. Reduces your chances of getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Free US Shipping.

17" X 3", wrist pad, keyboard pad, UPC: 035286214209 Model #21420 Black.
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  • Item #: 21420
  • Manufacturer: Allsop
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 035286214209
  • Condition: New
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